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Interview With Trimandeep From @Naughty_Bread_Baker on Instagram

Welcome to a delightful and enlightening conversation on The Sourdough People website, featuring none other than Trimandeep, also known as the @naughty_bread_baker on Instagram. In this interview, we delve into the fascinating sourdough journey of a baker who began with a passion for cakes and patisserie but found his true calling in the art of bread making. Trimandeep’s story is a journey woven with experiences from his initial days as a junior baker in Auckland New Zealand, to his serendipitous encounter with sourdough. His narrative is not just about baking; it’s a testament to the transformative power of passion and the relentless pursuit of craftsmanship. Through his words, you will discover how New Zealand’s supportive environment and its unpredictable weather have shaped his sourdough adventure. His journey is a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovations, a dance between maintaining consistency and embracing the challenges that each day brings in the bakery. Get ready to be inspired by his unique blind-baking skills, his approach to sourcing ingredients, and his thoughts on the latest trends in the sourdough industry. Let’s break bread with Trimandeep and uncover the secrets behind his delectable sourdough creations!

Trimandeep, what initially sparked your interest in sourdough baking, and how did you begin your journey?

Becoming a bread baker was never in my initial plans, given my stronger inclination towards cakes and patisserie during my early baking experiences at home around the age of 15. However, when I joined a bakery in Auckland, New Zealand, as a junior baker, my perspective underwent a significant shift. It was there that I encountered Mia, who introduced me to the art of making bread. During this learning process, I stumbled upon the world of sourdough, and its intricate scientific aspects completely captivated me. This newfound knowledge became a game-changer, sparking a deep fascination and passion for baking bread that I hadn’t anticipated.

How has being based in New Zealand added to your sourdough journey?

Being in New Zealand has greatly enhanced my journey with sourdough. As an immigrant student initially focused on learning baking and patisserie, my experience took a significant turn when I joined an artisan bakery in Auckland. Working there not only deepened my love for baking, particularly bread, but also ignited a strong desire to expand my knowledge in the field. New Zealand became the catalyst for my introduction to sourdough, a bread I had never encountered before, and the supportive environment here has been instrumental in fostering my understanding and appreciation for this ancient and artful baking technique.

How has your approach to sourdough baking evolved since you first started?

Starting as a junior baker, my tasks primarily involved smaller responsibilities such as cleaning, assisting the senior baker with preps, and handling various odd jobs around the bakery. As I observed the experienced bakers at work, a sense of awe and curiosity consumed me. I often wondered how they effortlessly crafted such exceptional products, questioning why I couldn’t do the same. Determined to bridge the gap, I began closely watching and learning from them. The turning point came when I independently baked my first product, which turned out exceptionally well. This success heightened my interest in sourdough baking, propelling me further into the captivating world of crafting artisanal bread.

sourdough bread baker influencer Trimandeep @naughty_bread_baker instagram social media Auckland New Zealand 21348

Do you have a signature sourdough recipe or technique you’re particularly proud of? Can you share a bit about it?

Honestly, not really. However, I have a unique skill that feels like a natural gift. I have the ability to blind-bake products, trusting my instincts rather than depending on set timers.

Who are some of the people, brands, or companies in the sourdough industry that have inspired you?

I’m grateful to a few individuals who have been significant sources of inspiration and guidance in my journey. First and foremost, Rhys Harvey, my head baker at Daily Bread, where I work, has been a tremendous influence. Then there’s Mia Frizzy, who compelled me to step into the world of baking, and I’m thankful for her encouragement. Lastly, my boss, Patrick Welzenbach, deserves appreciation for always believing in my abilities. He not only provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work at Daily Bread but consistently supported and believed in me.

What are your must-have tools or favorite equipment for sourdough baking, and why?

The key tools for my bread baking are my scoring lame and oven.

How do you source your ingredients, and do you have any specific preferences or tips regarding flour, water, or salt?

While it’s not a strict rule, opting for flour with a higher protein level is ideal for sourdough bread. This type of flour offers enhanced strength, contributing to better structure and overall quality in the final product.

Can you share a particularly challenging experience you’ve had with sourdough baking and how you overcame it?

Certainly, the daily endeavor of sourdough baking becomes more demanding due to the ever-changing weather conditions in New Zealand. This inconsistency poses a significant challenge as it leads to varying dough behaviour and fluctuating proofing levels, making achieving consistently good bread a daily hurdle.

What do you enjoy most about baking sourdough, and how does it impact your daily life?

I like facing different challenges every day to make great bread. If I have a bad day in baking, it affects my mood for the whole day. On the flip side, baking a good loaf makes me happy.

How do you balance tradition and innovation in your sourdough baking practices?

Simply put, sticking to a routine is crucial. Stay consistent, keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll see results.

Have you noticed any new trends or innovations in sourdough baking recently?

Not really. However, I have observed the emergence of excellent equipment and machinery in the market, particularly designed to help mass production in baking.

What are some common misconceptions about sourdough baking that you’ve encountered, and how do you address them?

I often hear people complain about bread not being healthy due to its high carb content. However, I believe that sourdough is the healthiest bread option you can choose.

In your opinion, what is the most underrated aspect of sourdough baking?

Allow the dough sufficient resting time, ensuring it autolyses properly. Make sure the gluten develops well before shaping the dough.

Are there any books, videos, or online resources you’d recommend to those wanting to learn more about sourdough baking?

The top books for learning about baking bread are “How Baking Works” by Paula Figoni and “Bouchon Bakery” by Thomas Keller.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with sourdough baking?

Believe in yourself and take action; it’s the only way to achieve your goals. Keep baking and learning, even if you make mistakes.

How do you engage with your followers and the sourdough community on social media? What’s your style?

I have a private Telegram group where I connect with followers, assisting them with their baking issues and providing guidance on how to bake.

Have you participated in any collaborations or community events related to sourdough baking, and what was your experience?

I conducted a live baking session at a Fine Food Expo, and it was a fantastic experience. I also connected with many members of the New Zealand baking community during the event which was fun.

What’s your favorite sourdough recipe to bake for yourself, friends, or your loved ones?

My favorites are the sweet dough recipes I’ve developed myself and simple sourdough variations with added flavors that I come up with on the spot.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to manage a healthy sourdough starter culture?

Feed your starter regularly and care for it like you would for a baby.

Do you have any upcoming projects or plans related to sourdough baking that you’re excited about?

I have plans to start live sessions and other methods to assist bakers worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on my page.

What do you hope to contribute or be remembered for most in the sourdough community?

A small message: let’s preserve the tradition of artisan bakery; keep it vibrant and safeguard it from the impact of AI and automation.

Can you describe a moment when you felt particularly proud or fulfilled in your sourdough baking journey?

My proudest moment is that I haven’t given up on baking. There were times when frustration and anger almost led me to quit due to not getting the desired results. Despite that, I’ve persevered and not taken a step back or given up.

If you could give one piece of advice to your past self when you started sourdough baking, what would it be?

Stay focused on your dreams and don’t let distractions deter you.

Is there anything else Trimandeep that you would like the community to know about you or things you would like the readers to potentially purchase or subscribe to?

To join my Telegram group and learn to bake delicious products, send me a message with “fix8” in my DMs on Instagram.

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