How to Make Focaccia Bread With Overproofed Sourdough

How to Make Focaccia Bread With Overproofed Sourdough

Proofing, often regarded as the soul of sourdough bread-making, is the process where yeast ferments the dough, allowing it to rise and develop its characteristic texture and flavor. While this stage is crucial, it’s fraught with the potential for missteps, such as overproofing. Overproofed dough has fermented too long, causing the yeast to deplete its food supply, which results in a collapsed structure and a loss of the dough’s robustness.

Redeeming Overproofed Sourdough

Fortunately, overproofed sourdough is not a lost cause. It can be brilliantly repurposed into Focaccia, a rustic and versatile Italian flatbread. The forgiving nature of Focaccia makes it an ideal recipe for less-than-perfect dough, allowing the baker to salvage a batch that has gone past its prime.

Recipe for Sourdough Focaccia

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools:

Baking Process:

  1. Oil and Prep: Generously coat your baking pan with olive oil to create a non-stick surface and add flavor.
  2. Moulding the Dough: Place the overproofed dough in the pan, allowing it to undergo a final proof for about two hours, until it nearly doubles in size and appears puffy.
  3. Adding Texture and Flavor: Once proofed, use your fingertips to press down into the dough, forming deep dimples. These indentations are perfect for catching olive oil, which enhances the bread’s moisture and flavor.
  4. Embellish with Toppings: Sprinkle herbs, sea salt, and other toppings like sliced olives or halved cherry tomatoes over the surface.
  5. The Final Bake: Drizzle additional olive oil over the top and bake in a preheated oven at 425°F (220°C) for 25-30 minutes. The bread should emerge with a crisp, golden crust and a soft, airy interior.

Why This Works: Using overproofed dough for Focaccia is advantageous because the bread’s flat, open structure is less dependent on the gluten network that typically suffers in overproofed doughs. The high moisture content from added olive oil compensates for the dryness that can occur when the dough over ferments.

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Recipe Guide About How to Make Focaccia Bread With Overproofed Sourdough

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