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Coming Soon to The Sourdough People Community

At The Sourdough People, our community is the heart of our platform. Over the past year, getting to know each of you – the enthusiasts, the beginners, the master bakers – has been an absolute pleasure. Your stories, tips, and shared love for sourdough have created a wealth of connections that span across Canada, the United States, and around the world. We’ve seen firsthand how sourdough isn’t just about bread; it’s about people, passion, and the magic that happens when both come together.

Listening and Learning: Understanding Community Needs

The journey with our community has been a path of continuous learning and listening. Your feedback, ideas, and discussions have been invaluable in shaping our understanding of what you need and desire as sourdough aficionados. It is with great excitement that we announce the fruits of this collaboration: initiatives designed to support and enhance your sourdough journey.

Introducing TSP Shop: A Curated Sourdough Bread Marketplace

Coming soon is a significant milestone for The Sourdough People – the launch of our very own sourdough bread marketplace and online store, TSP Shop. This platform is meticulously curated with products and brands from sincere, kind, family-owned businesses. Our aim? To make the process of purchasing sourdough bread tools and products in Canada as seamless as possible. Expect a range of items, some with free shipping and others shipped swiftly using Canada Post Xpresspost.

Connecting Bakers Worldwide: Interactive Map of Sourdough Bread Bakers

Following the launch of TSP Shop, we are thrilled to unveil an interactive map of sourdough bread bakers from around the globe. This feature will allow users of The Sourdough People to discover and connect with local bakers in their community or explore sourdough offerings from different corners of the world. It’s a chance to bring the global sourdough community closer, one map pin at a time. While making it easy for people to buy loaves of bread directly from bakers.

Celebrating Your Creations: Community-Focused Recipe Section

Our journey doesn’t stop there. We’re also excited to announce the upcoming launch of a community-focused sourdough bread recipes section. This platform will be a space where you, our cherished community members, can submit and share your recipes. Each contributor will receive full credit and acknowledgment for their culinary creations, fostering a spirit of sharing and recognition. And readers of the recipe section will also be guided to follow and connect with those who submit recipes on their social media profiles and websites.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

As we look towards 2024, we’re filled with gratitude for the sincere connections and support from the sourdough bread community in Canada and around the world. Your stories, your passion, and your dedication to the art of sourdough have been the driving force behind everything we do. Thank you for being you!

Closing Thoughts

As we embrace the exciting possibilities that 2024 holds, we extend a warm, open invitation to each of you to become an even more integral part of our journey. If you’re passionate about sourdough and wish to contribute to our website and community, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us; your insights and experiences are what make our community thrive.

For those eager to share your sourdough stories, our intake form is always open. Your tales of triumphs, challenges, and everything in-between are not just stories; they’re the yeast that helps our community rise.

Additionally, we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter. It’s your direct line to the latest updates, tips, and heartwarming stories from the world of sourdough. And for a daily dose of inspiration and connection, don’t forget to follow The Sourdough People on Instagram at Let’s keep the conversation going, share our successes, and support each other in our sourdough endeavors.

Together, we’re not just baking bread; we’re nurturing a community that extends far beyond the oven. Thank you for being a part of The Sourdough People. Here’s to a year filled with bubbling starters, crunchy crusts, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences.

Let’s make 2024 a year to remember in the world of sourdough!

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