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Our Founding Story

Cultivating a Passionate Sourdough Community

A year ago, The Sourdough People was established with a vision to unite sourdough enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our journey has been focused on fostering a community where the love for sourdough’s culture, nutrition, and the sense of belonging it brings is shared and celebrated. This platform has served as a beacon for those passionate about sourdough, whether engaging online or in-person at local stores and farmers’ markets.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging Market Data for Sourdough Excellence

Throughout our first year, we’ve dedicated ourselves to collecting and analyzing a wealth of sourdough industry data, online trends, keywords, and local, and regional, as well as online shopping behaviors (in multiple languages). This effort has equipped us with unparalleled insights into the Canadian sourdough market, enabling us to understand consumer preferences and industry trends and to guide our community and partners with informed strategies.

Community Engagement

Strengthening Bonds within the Sourdough Community

Our engagement with the sourdough community has been instrumental in shaping our approach and offerings. We’ve learned that values such as authenticity, sustainability, and support for local production resonate deeply with our audience. These insights have guided our decisions and helped us foster a supportive network where experiences and knowledge about sourdough are freely exchanged.

Logistics and Distribution

Introducing Advanced 3PL and Drop Shipping Services

To enhance our support for partners, we’re launching a 3PL service, featuring a small warehouse in Canada to aid in logistics, storage, and distribution. Alongside this, our drop shipping options offer flexible and efficient solutions, catering to the varied needs of our partners and streamlining the distribution process.

Future Strategies

Crafting the Future with Data and Innovation

Moving forward, we plan to continue leveraging our extensive data collection to shape our strategies. This approach ensures that we remain adaptable, proactive, and ahead of market trends, allowing us to effectively meet the evolving needs of the sourdough community.

Advertising Opportunities

Enhancing Brand Exposure through Targeted Advertising

We offer a range of advertising options on our platform, including display ads, sponsored content, retargeting marketing, personalized offers, email campaigns, and strategies for upselling and cross-selling. These tools are designed to maximize brand exposure and engage our diverse audience effectively.

Partnership Invitation

Join Us in Elevating Your Sourdough Brand

We invite sourdough brands and enthusiasts to explore partnership opportunities with us. Whether seeking logistical support, market insights, or advertising solutions, our community engagement manager is eager to discuss collaborative ways to elevate your brand in the sourdough market.

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We encourage sourdough brands and enthusiasts to reach out and begin a conversation about potential collaborations. Together, we can make the coming year even more impactful for the sourdough community and your brand.

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